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Green Havens Concrete Mortised Fence Posts
Green Havens Concrete Mortised Fence Posts

Green Havens Concrete Mortised Fence Posts

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Green Havens Concrete Mortised Fence Posts are a fantastic alternative to the traditional wooden posts for your feather boarding projects. Our recessed fence posts are cast with either 2 or 3 (depending on hight) recesses to allow wooden arris rails to be fitted flush with the posts. The rails can be attached directly through the pre-holes with metal bolts. 

Mortised Concrete Posts are mainly used for fatheredge fencing. Using this method of fencing will allow the posts to be visible from one side only, giving a uniform and professional finish to your fencing project. 

All concrete Products are manufactured from the highest strength concrete on the market today. All of our concrete products are reinforced with four steel rebar running through the post to increase durability and strength. Our concrete mixes use water reducer to strengthen our concrete products up to 35% its original tensile strength. 

Concrete Posts are easy to install, cost-effective, and unaffected by moisture and rot giving years of service. Green Haven offer installations quotations as part of our Supply&Install package so please feel free to call our customers service team for advice on your fencing project. 

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