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Feather Edge Timber Boards/Slats 125mm x 22 x EX

Feather Edge Timber Boards/Slats 125mm x 22 x EX

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Green Havens Feather Edge Boards come in variety of heights and are mostly used by our customers to build feather edge fencing and will be attached vertically to fence rails/Arris rails. The term feather edge refers to the shape of the board. Each one starts out as a single 22mm thick board, which is why we list them as EX 22mm. This is then machined cut diagonally to make two feather edge boards - each with a taper from thick (approx. 15mm) to thin (approx. 6mm).

Manufactured in our workshop with high quality pressure treated timber. Our Boards come in 4ft/5ft/5.6ft/6ft lengths, however, if you are looking for custom sizes or pre-painted boards please call our customer service team before purchasing. 

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