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Tree Surgery

LANDSURGERY LTD aims to provide the very best service for our customers, from initial meeting through to the completed job. We offer the highest standards in tree surgery, keeping up to date with the latest techniques and safety ensuring we always exceed your expectations.

Here at LANDSURGERY LTD we take great pride in our growing tree surgery teams that always perform to our customers expectations. Unlike most tree companies our experienced fully NPTC qualified climbers are not rushed and take extra precautions in their work. All of our work that is carried out is using the latest equipment and goes through safety checks before the start of each job. Understanding the needs of our clients is important to us, and we appreciate that not everyone knows exactly what they need to do with their trees and hedges.

Our tree surgery services cover a range of different actions which can benefit the health of your trees, from pruning and thinning out branches, to removing dead wood or even removing complete trees!  Our expert team will be able to assist you with managing your trees and hedges. Our teams are currently operating throughout Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, London, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.  

Tree Services:

- Tree Removal

- Deadwood Removal

- Thinning Out

- Stump Removal

- Pollarding

- Garden Clearance

- Tree Felling

- Tree Pruning

- Crown Lifting

- Branch & Limb Removal

- Emergency Call Out

- Canopy Reductions

- Hedge Maintenance

- And More!

Some Of Our Aspects of Tree Care Explained:

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is a process that involves reducing the size of a tree’s overall canopy. This can be achieved by pruning its branches evenly throughout the entire crown. Any broken or dangerous deadwood is removed and crossing branches are pruned. This minimises any chance of infections within the tree in the future.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is a process encompassing the removal of branches from lower parts of the tree's crown. This lifts the overall height and allows more light to penetrate through the branches and reach the lower crown.

Tree Felling

On some occasions, a tree surgeon will find that a tree may need removing completely. If the tree is large, or in a restricted area, the surgeon must climb the tree to dismantle it in sections. This ensures a safe, controlled and calculated fall.

Tree stump and root removal

Once a tree is removed, it is often required that the stump and roots are removed separately. A straightforward service can be used here, involving a stump grinding machine that destroys unwanted parts left in the ground. In other situations, the stump removal is not necessary, which means that it will be treated to ensure that re-growth does not occur.

Hedge trimming and reduction

Hedge cutting can often be more difficult than it looks, which is why many people opt for professional hedge trimming and reduction services. If left neglected, or the hedge is cut back too heavily, it will result in a bare and unattractive hedge line. This takes time to fully recover and is not wanted in areas with high upkeep standards.

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is traditionally a woodland management method. However, recently it has become one of the processes involved in arboriculture. This practice involves the removal of all branches and limbs, meaning that only the trunk and major limb frameworks are left. This allows the tree to re-grow and look much more attended to.

Tree branch and limb removal

Without fully reducing or lifting the crown, a tree’s branches often need removing. This is if they cross or have extended themselves over set boundaries. This process does not seek to remove large parts of the trees, but only the parts necessary, in order to ensure a healthy stability for the tree.


As a tree grows, some branches tend to die back naturally. This is why trees should be regularly expected and maintained. Deadwooding is a process undertaken to ensure safety, especially in public areas.

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